Planet Fury Interview, By Gina Marie

Some horror writers are haunted by the past...

And some crime writers are mediums for the world that came before. Pamila Payne is a unique fusion of both, an author compelled by the sins of the past to speak for a bygone eras’ lost souls. Her Vintage Vice site features a prolific archive of early-20th century tales revealing haunted criminals and the spirits, both real and imagined, that torment them.

Interlude: Chin Wag At The Slaughterhouse: Interview With Pamila Payne

Richard Godwin writes raw, extreme crime fiction.  He is also an oddly inquisitive interviewer.  Recently, he invited me over to his hidden lair for a "chat."  I liken the experience to being under the microscope of a very polite, very erudite alien abductor.

The result can be read here: Richard Godwin Interviews Pamila Payne

Mindspeak By Carrie Clevenger: Special Feature: Meet Pamila Payne

The very first time I came across Pamila Payne's website was after I was double-featured with her AT-THE-BIJOU. I was so impressed with the immersive stories and gritty noir (not to mention it's set in Texas at a ghostly motel) I had to know more. Somehow, she didn't find me to be a crazy; we actually have quite a bit in common. So when she agreed to an interview hosted at Mindspeak, you can imagine how delighted I was.  

Please, if you follow and enjoy my work, I can guarantee you will love hers.